Type faces           used at          Deep Wood Press  

Body Type

Bernhard Booklet (ATF 559) - As far as I know the only complete set from 8 to 24 pt. in roman and italic in the country. A beautiful face, the precurser to Bernhard Modern which had 13 characters that were redesigned.

Bernhard Modern Roman (ATF 668) 8 to 14 pt. roman, italic, and bold.

Baskerville, 8 to 72 pt. in roman, italic and small caps. An interesting mix of type I picked up that includes (ATF 15), Monotype (353) and Intertype.  A nightmare to sort but beautiful to behold.

Garamond ATF (459) 14 pt. roman, small caps and special characters.  This type was newly cast by Theo Rehak.

Lutetia - 14 & 18 pt. With special swash characters and small caps. This came from Harold Berliner's foundry.

Lydian (ATF 666), 12 to 36 pt.

Drew (ATF 145) 6 to 12 pt. 


Display Type

Menu Shaded (BB&S) 18 pt.

Homewood (Balto 103), 24 pt.

Goudy Title (ATF 180) 6to 14 pt.

Goudy Cursive (ATF 477) 24 and 42 pt.

Cheltenhelm Extrabold Shaded
(ATF 78) 36, 42, 48, 60, and 72 pt.

Cheltenhelm Inline Extended (ATF 80) 
18 to 36 pt.

Plenty of Engravers Old English (ATF 148) and Engravers Roman 
(BB&S & ATF 1627) 




About 40 fonts of Brass and Zinc type for hot stamping. Not all is identified as of yet, for that matter it's not all sorted yet. This came from St. Teresa's Press, a Carmelite Monastery in Flemington, NJ. The Sisters threw this in the deal when I bought the Little Giant from them. Wonderful stuff for the book restoration and repair work I do.

Also many interesting decorative caps, ornaments and border material to compliment the serifed body type. 

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