Resources for Letterpress Printers  - A great place to get started.  Many links to information, suppliers, museums and groups.  Also clear information on how to join LETPRESS, the letterpress discussion list  On this list you will find many knowledgeable printers waiting to give you some advice  or if you check the archives you'll find many topics from the past years.

 The Briar Press  - A museum of presses and equipment, want and for sale adds and notices, a directory of services and resources and a collection of downloadable printers ornaments, borders and decorative caps for desktop publishing use.  A very well maintained site with many great links and easy to navigate

 Dale Guild Type Foundry  - Proprietor Theo Rehak, formerly a typecaster at American Type Founders, set up shop in 1993 using Barth casters obtained when ATF went out of business. There are plenty of resources for linotype and monotype but if you are focusing on hand setting then it's worth it to get the best.  You will never regret it and chances are whoever has your type in 100 years will thank you for it.

 NA Graphics  - Fritz Klinke, this is just an add on the web but do get their catalog.  This is where you can get much of the Dale Guilds type as well.

P.O. Box 467, 1314 Greene St., Silverton, CO 81433
e-mail: nagraph@FRONTIER.NET
Phone: 970-387-0212; Fax: 970-387-0127
Offering newly-cast revivals of selected ATF faces.

 Don Black Linecasting - Everything you need to get started and some stuff you don't even know you want yet.  Pressroom and bindery equipment, type and matrices.  A well maintained site with plenty to look at.

 Owosso Graphic Arts, Inc.  - Photoengravers.  There are plenty of places to get dies made but if you're in the mid west then give these folks a try.  They produce both magnesium and copper dies for letterpress as well as for foil stamping and embossing.  As an added bonus new customers can get a free die up to 30 square inches + shipping. 

Book Arts

 The Book Arts Web - links to a large selection of book arts related sites on the web, including galleries with images. Here you'll also find the Book_Arts-L FAQ which features full subscription information for this listserv of almost 1200 individuals but also the full archives organized by year, then month. They are also fully searchable and contain a treasure trove of all kinds of technical tips, announcements, and helpful banter.

 The Guild of Book Workers - is the national non-profit organization for all the book arts. It was founded in 1906 and since that time, especially in the last 20 years, has grown immensely in scope. The Guild currently has over 1000 members worldwide. Areas of interest include bookbinding, printing, conservation, marbling, calligraphy, and papermaking.  Also at this link is a directory to regional chapters.

 Stephen Kinsella Inc.  - Fine Art Papers.  A great resource for the book artist.  If you're not familiar with the wide range of art papers from around the world that are available out there I highly recommend purchasing their sample books, you won't regret it.  Good prices, excellent service.

 Talas  - Professional archival, conservation and restoration supplies.  A good place on the web to get some of the tools, supplies and equipment needed to bind books.

 BookMakers International  - Another online resource for materials and tools of the trade.  Shop around, specialty tools are expensive.

 Harmatan Leather Ltd.  - Vegetable tanned goatskins and smooth grained calf.  Vegetable tanned leathers allow you to work in blind tooling and get good dark line results as well as working with leaf or foils.  Some of the finest leathers available and the price well reflects it.  Still, if one goes through the discipline of binding with leather, why not use the best.  Located in England with U.S. suppliers.

 J Hewit & Sons Ltd.  - Leather tanners and bookbinding suppliers.  Also located in England, good skins and another good resource for tools that are harder to find in the states.

Printmaking Links

 American Print Alliance  - a consortium of non-profit printmakers' councils in the United States and Canada.  Good resources for materials and upcoming events and shows.

 The Wood Engraver's Network  - A group started in 1994 and now with a worldwide membership exceeding 200.  Print exchanges and a biannual newsletter Block & Burin, along with sponsored workshops and a traveling exhibition.  Join now and discover the beauty of this art form.

 International Mezzotint Society  - Established in 1997 and now with over 80 members.  This group that is free to join sponsors print exchanges and strives to further the awareness of this unique intaglio process.

 Graphic Chemical and Ink Co.  - The ultimate midwest source for any print process materials, inks and papers.

 Build your Etching Press - Plans and parts list of materails to make one yourself.  If you're really handy with tools save yourself some money.  The plans do cost money but check out the information, very interesting.

Other Links of Interest

 Jordan River Arts Council  - East Jordan, MI.  I am a board member and member of this organization and we've been fortunate enough to bring in many book and print related shows in recent years.  Check out our calendar of events to see what's coming next when you come visit. 

 Project Gutenberg  - A free ebook resource with many public domain titles (mostly pre 1923).  If you're looking for something to print, why not start here?

 Labyrinth Library  - Resources for medieval studies.  Many manuscripts and research in various languages and specialized subjects.  Another source for possible publishing.

 Sweat- The illustrated history of saunas, sweat lodges, Roman baths and more.  What can I say, the winters are long here and a sauna is the best way to get warm and healthy.

 Food for Thought - Organic and wildcrafted jams and preserves.  These are some great folks and their products are out of this world.  Besides all that, they have an excellent printer doing work for them.

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